Nicole Richie Took a High-Five to the Face…and it’s AMAZING.

Nicole Richie Took a High-Five to the Face…and it’s AMAZING. 

Posted: 7:55 am Wednesday, April 12th, 2017

By Danielle

Can we talk about what a PRO Nicole Richie is for just a second?!

She was being interviewed about a new show she’s going to be on when she received an unintentional high-five TO THE FACE!! And not the ‘Whoops, I nudged your glasses’ kind of high-five…the ‘WHERE ARE YOUR GLASSES!?!? I MASHED YOUR FACE SO HARD THEY’RE NOT EVEN THERE ANYMORE’ kind.

After taking a second to regroup (I’d have needed hours), Nicole struck a pose and joked about how she noticed (‘out of my left eye’) that the woman interviewing her was a little clumsy.

All things considered, I find it completely acceptable to pause this video at :21 seconds and laugh hilariously at the host’s expense…