Posted: 7:56 am Monday, April 24th, 2017

April the Giraffe’s Live Stream is OVER…But You Can Still Watch Baby Grow 

By Danielle


For months, I’ve been checking in on April the Giraffe.

For months, I watched her pace in front of the camera. Each day, becoming more and more pregnant.

For months, I turned in, hoping I might catch her just going into labor.

When the day finally came, I spent wayyyyy too much time watching the footage. Like, wayyyyy too much time. I even watched the replay. Twice.

And now, IT’S OVER!!!!

To be continued…

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Well, kinda.

The team at Animal Adventure Park has announced that the 24/7 livestream of April (and now her unnamed baby) has been shut down, but they say that there will still be set viewing day/times where viewers can check-in with their favorite mommy/son duo. They also said they’re working on putting a permanent camera up in the yard where the giraffes live, allowing you to connect with them even more often.

Here’s the message from their Facebook page:

Also, did anyone else notice that after the baby was born, the camera’s ‘Toys R Us’ sponsors quickly switched over to ‘Babies R Us’? GENIUS. On so many levels.