Need Ideas for Cute and EASY Crafts for Teacher’s Appreciation Week?!

Need Ideas for Cute and EASY Crafts for Teacher’s Appreciation Week?! 

Posted: 7:39 am Wednesday, May 3rd, 2017

By Danielle

Teachers are a BIG deal in our house.

They’re the people I trust my most precious tiny humans with while I’m at work. They help them exercise their creativity and mold their little minds. They become family.

So, when Teacher’s Appreciation Week rolls around…we like to let them know how much they mean to us.

We typically do four small gifts Monday through Thursday and something larger on Friday. I figured I’d share the small crafts we did here. They’re all SUPER easy and inexpensive, but a great way to put a smile on your favorite teacher’s face.

We start with the supplies:

Life has been picking up (at rapid speed) these past couple of years. To make these crafts even more simple, I dedicate one day – a couple of weeks prior – to grabbing all of the ‘supplies’ we’ll need for our gifts. I’m also quite proud of the little craft closet that has accumulated in our house (for those sick and/or rainy days), so I was able to grab a ton of stuff from there this year.

And then…let the crafting begin!!

First up, letting the teacher’s know that they are EXTRA special on Monday.

This one is super easy. Grab a couple packs of gum, some string, and supplies to make tags. I want to say these took 3-minutes MAX to make. (Sidenote: There are also a ton of places on Etsy where you can buy pre-made tags, but I like to have my little guy help out as much as possible, so we hand-make ours).

Tuesday’s gift might be my favorite this year…

Again, all you need for this is your favorite chapstick (I chose EOS because…well, because it’s EOS) and some supplies to make tags.

See how easy this is?!

On to Wednesday…where the teachers will SURELY need a boost of CAFFEINE for their week.

Starbucks gift cards would be a great idea for this too. We did those last year, so I wanted to switch it up this year. Plus, this caffeine is immediately available for consumption.

Thursday is where we wrap up our themed-gifts. This year, we’re going with a lottery/scratch-off theme.

I’ve always loved making these gifts, but having my son able to help now has made it even more fun…and it’s so cute to see how proud he is of the finished product!!

Feel free to borrow any of these for your favorite teacher – or leave your favorites below…I’ll need new ideas for next year!!