Posted: 7:43 am Wednesday, May 17th, 2017

So ‘Divorce Selfies’ are Officially a Thing Now… 

By Danielle

The apparent new trend of #DivorceSelfies is equal parts sad and encouraging.

On one hand, it’s sad when people can’t work things out and eventually decide to call it quits for whatever reason. But – on a slightly more uplifting note – it’s kind of nice to see couples who can leave the drama at the courthouse (where many of these selfies are being taken) and move on with smiles on their faces, looking happy and still friendly with their former significant other.


Here are some of the ones being posted to Instagram:

Some of the pictures give you the feeling that the finality is somewhat bittersweet…

Divorce selfie #honestig #divorceselfie

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While others blatantly say they’re just better off friends…

These two are either toasting to ‘what was’ – or drinking to forget about it all together…

And then there’s these two…who are clearly loving life WITHOUT one another now.

The world is such a weird place sometimes.