Kathy Griffin ‘Begs’ for You to Forgive Her for Taking Unsettling Photo

Kathy Griffin ‘Begs’ for You to Forgive Her for Taking Unsettling Photo 

Posted: 8:26 am Wednesday, May 31st, 2017

By Danielle

It’s unusual to see a comedian – especially one who is known for going ‘over the line’ – to back-peddle and apologize profusely about something, but Kathy Griffin definitely has a reason too…

Have you seen the picture that she posed for…holding what looks like Donald Trump’s head?

Politics aside (because ain’t nobody got time for that on my blog), the picture is super disturbing.

I’m uncomfortable even posting it here, but if you’d like to see it, here’s an article from TMZ that includes the photo.

EVERYONE – democrats, republicans, kitty cats, had something to say about it, and apparently Kathy knows she crossed the line, because she issued an apology on her Twitter, basically begging for forgiveness.

It’s not being taken lightly either. It’s being reported that the Secret Service have launched an investigation into ‘the circumstances surrounding the photo shoot’ that she was involved in.