Pharrell Just Melted My Heart with This Sweet Fan Surprise

Pharrell Just Melted My Heart with This Sweet Fan Surprise 

Posted: 9:05 am Tuesday, June 6th, 2017

By Danielle

So, I started this blog by searching for ‘Pharrell Suprises Fan’ on Google so I could share this video from TMZ with you.

Big mistake…in a GOOD way.

I was totally overwhelmed with the number of videos that are out there of Pharrell surprising his fans. I watched about 7 of them (sporadically crying because surprises rule) and then found Reef.

Reef is an 8-year-old Pharrell super fan who has been in the hospital since his first birthday. Through a cancer advocate, Reef was able to request a FaceTime with his favorite singer…but he got so much more. Pharrell volunteered to bring him and his family out to his show in Philadelphia over the weekend.

When he found out that Reef wasn’t allowed to fly, he booked a private car instead and transported his entire family from Cincinnati instead. Once Reef arrived, he met his idol. Pharrell even invited him onstage so that he could sing ‘Happy’ to him.

I can’t get over what an amazing guy he is. And he just exudes it.

Here are some of the other videos that got me right in the tear ducts while I was searching for Reef…

There was the one time he surprised a fan while she was leading a play group:

Or this one where he surprised a fan in a restaurant:

Can we just be BFFs already, Skateboard P? ❤