Posted: 7:36 am Friday, June 9th, 2017

This Guy Got His GF and Her Dog Matching Presents because He’s a GENIUS!! 

By Danielle

When you hear about something this cute, you assume that the couple involved MUST be in the ‘new relationship’ phase, right?


Nicholas Purvis and his girlfriend, Cassandra, have been dating for 8-months (although they have been friends for about 6-years, so I’ll give them that).

When it came time to celebrate Cassandra’s birthday, Nicholas had the BEST IDEA EVER.

He told BuzzFeed News that although they’re a new couple, he DOES know his girlfriend well, ‘She loves two things more than me: Sleeping and her dog.’

So, he killed two birds with one stone in the most ADORABLE way ever.

For her birthday, Cassandra got a blanket with her dog’s face on it. And her dog got a blanket with Cassandra’s face on it.

Good luck topping this next year, Nic. 😉