Justin Bieber’s New Tattoo Says WHAT?!

Justin Bieber’s New Tattoo Says WHAT?! 

Posted: 9:27 am Monday, June 19th, 2017

By Danielle

The more I see Justin Bieber these days, the more apparent it is to me that he’s actually trying pretty hard to be a more decent person…

But just because he insists  he wants to be ‘Better At 70’ doesn’t mean he needs to tattoo it on his body, right?!


His new tattoo reads exactly that and sits right above his knee.

And it wasn’t just him that got the phrase scrawled on his body. While one of his friends was getting a matching tattoo, Justin sat down and sang an impromptu song about his good intentions…

New smash

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He even posted the stencil on his Instagram. You know, in case you want one too.

If any one wants to get the better at 70 tattoo here's the stencil

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Before you take the plunge though…think about what that will actually LOOK like when you’re 70. 😉