Admit it…this Taco Bell Wedding Looks AMAZING

Admit it…this Taco Bell Wedding Looks AMAZING 

Posted: 8:16 am Thursday, June 29th, 2017

By Danielle

A few months ago, I read somewhere about a couple who won the opportunity to get married at – wait for it – TACO BELL!!

*eyes roll into back of head*

I’ll admit. At first, I was skeptical. I’ve been married for almost seven years now, and I still remember EVERY detail from our wedding day. I couldn’t imagine having a fast food restaurant as part of those memories…

…and then I saw the pictures.

That backdrop? The brick wall? The cushy booth? WOW!!

I’m not saying that I’d redo my wedding again, just to do it at Taco Bell, but you have to admit that these pictures DO make it look pretty glamorous.

To be fair, this particular TB is on the Vegas Strip, and they’re purposely trying to get into the wedding game, so their decor isn’t on accident…

Although Dan and Bianca have already had the experience of a lifetime, the Taco Bell ‘Wedding Package’ isn’t officially available until August 7th – but it’s going to be  a STEAL for anyone who isn’t scared of being a little untraditional.

You’ll be able to walk right up to the counter and order your wedding (with a marriage licence) – and a side of tacos – for just $600.

Four hours later, they’ll accommodate you and up to 15 guests in their special chapel.

You’ll get:

  • A ceremony with an ordained officiant
  • A private area inside the restaurant for your reception
  • A sauce packet garter and bow tie
  • Food for your guests, including tacos and a Cinnabon Delights cake
  • His and her ‘Just Married’ t-shirts

You can find out more details here.

I’m SERIOUSLY impressed.