Chrissy Teigen Deals with her Wardrobe Malfunction Like a Total CHAMP

Chrissy Teigen Deals with her Wardrobe Malfunction Like a Total CHAMP 

Posted: 9:19 am Monday, July 3rd, 2017

By Danielle

I love Chrissy Teigen because she’s real.

Sure, she’s got way more money – and higher cheekbones – than I could ever dream of…but I legitimately feel like I could run into her in Target one day and we’d be instant best friends.

Maybe it’s her inability to take herself serious that makes her so great…or the fact that she never cracks under pressure.

You know, the kind of pressure that comes along with having an accidental wardrobe malfunction.

Chrissy has been traveling around with her husband – John Legend – on his tour. During a recent show in NYC, she decided to hop onstage for one of his songs.

While they were dancing, Chrissy’s dress slipped over a little bit too far. Her arm luckily covers things up at the last possible second in this video, but it was still definitely an unplanned  malfunction…as you can clearly tell by her face.

Without missing a beat, she says ‘sorry’ to the crowd and keeps dancing while John sings.

She is imperfect perfection.