The Cast of Jersey Just Reunited…at Burger King.

The Cast of Jersey Just Reunited…at Burger King. 

Posted: 9:14 am Friday, July 14th, 2017

By Danielle

I hate that I care about this.

I TOTALLY thought I was over the ‘Jersey Shore’ phase of my life, but as it turns out, talks of a reunion just BRING THE WAVES CRASHING IN AGAIN.

Lately, the cast has been spotted hanging out together on social media…


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And it turns out, they even got together – sans Ronnie because he was booked somewhere else – to try a new sandwich at Burger King.

As far as the reunion rumors? Looks like it IS happening, but it won’t be nearly as dramatic as the old days (thank goodness). MTV says they’re going to catch up with the cast members of several old shows and do shows with a ‘Where are They Now?’ type feel…

Sign me up.