Halle Berry Just Pierced Her Hair. Wait…what?

Halle Berry Just Pierced Her Hair. Wait…what? 

Posted: 7:10 am Thursday, July 27th, 2017

By Danielle

So, piercing your hair is a thing now…and it actually looks pretty amazing.

Halle Berry was out promoting her new movie when she decided to try out the new style.

Basically, her stylist braided her hair on either side of her head and somehow lined it with gold hoops.

And it’s as elegant as it sounds.

👑 #HalleBerry 💛

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Halle isn’t the only one doing it either!!

Check out Ariana Grande…

And Christina Aguilera…

And random girls that are obviously WAY ahead of me in the hair fashion world.

But how do you get them in? And taking them out…total nightmare?

It’s so pretty, but I have SO. MANY. QUESTIONS.