10 Things Taylor Swift Can Splurge On with Her $1 Court Winnings

10 Things Taylor Swift Can Splurge On with Her $1 Court Winnings 

Posted: 7:40 am Tuesday, August 15th, 2017

By Danielle

Taylor Swift has officially won her counter-suit (YAY!!!) against a DJ who took her to court, claiming she caused him to lose his job after he appeared to touch her inappropriately while taking a picture with her in 2013.

Since she wasn’t looking to get rich off the deal – saying it was ‘the principal’ that mattered to her – she was only trying to get $1 out of the deal.

And she did.


So, while we celebrate Taylor’s victory, let’s put together a list of things she can officially splurge on with her winnings.

Ten Things Taylor Can Buy with $1:

  1. A tube of NYC Ultra Moist Lipstick
  2. A Jr. Cheeseburger from Wendy’s
  3. A 1-month membership to Dollar Shave Club
  4. This plastic kazoo from Amazon
  5. A Powerball ticket for Wednesday’s drawing
  6. Almost anything in the magical discount section at the front of EVERY Target
  7. A song on iTunes
  8. A one-way trip over the Skyway Bridge (she’ll need an extra dollar for tolls to drive back over)
  9. An inspirational word, scribbled on a rock
  10. A more accurate courtroom sketch of herself (see Exhibit A below)

 (Jeff Kandyba via AP)

So many options…choose wisely, Taylor.

And congrats!!