‘Unicorn’ Weddings Are Officially a Thing…And They Look MAGICAL <3

‘Unicorn’ Weddings Are Officially a Thing…And They Look MAGICAL <3 

Posted: 5:00 am Thursday, August 17th, 2017

By Danielle

We’re farrrrrr removed from the days where the groom ALWAYS wears a black tux and the bride ALWAYS wears a perfectly white dress.

And while some wedding trends come and go faster than you can figure out what they mean, I hope this one is here to stay…

Say hello to – UNICORN-THEMED weddings!!

I don’t know who stumbled on this little piece of heaven – but check out some of these pictures!!

This unicorn 🦄 look makes me so happy.

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The possibilities are endless, right??

From the cake…

To the hair…

The in-between details…

Even the bridesmaids…

I pretty much need to be invited to one of these – STAT. ❤