‘Unicorn’ Weddings Are Officially a Thing…And They Look MAGICAL <3

‘Unicorn’ Weddings Are Officially a Thing…And They Look MAGICAL <3 

Posted: 5:00 am Thursday, August 17th, 2017

By Danielle

We’re farrrrrr removed from the days where the groom ALWAYS wears a black tux and the bride ALWAYS wears a perfectly white dress.

And while some wedding trends come and go faster than you can figure out what they mean, I hope this one is here to stay…

Say hello to – UNICORN-THEMED weddings!!

I don’t know who stumbled on this little piece of heaven – but check out some of these pictures!!

This unicorn 🦄 look makes me so happy.

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The possibilities are endless, right??

From the cake…

To the hair…

The in-between details…

Even the bridesmaids…

I don't think these women know how much they truly inspire me. I definitely feel like life chose them for me and put them in my path for a reason. @hell_on_heels1 you and gus gus are the definition of Mexican relationship goals girl. "Mira" Your talent and orgullo have inspired me from the day we first met. @teamsparkle your ability to always look at the bright side, the kindness you show to the world, and your pastel sparkle spirit are beyond inspirational. @atomic_redhead your dedication to your interests, your passion for what you believe in, and your quirky personality make me never forget that there is nothing better than being ourselves because the right people will love us for it. @la_velvet_belle … wifey for lifey. Your commitment, loyalty, and attention to detail in everything you do is unmatched. You radiate the strength of a woman and that is why I will forever reserve my mating dances for you and only you. @kittypackard There isn’t enough space in the world for the words in my head. You love with your whole heart but are quick to pull off your earrings if need be, you are educated in all things I adore, you have the respect and pride for our culture and show it every chance you get.. but you in your entirety how you carry yourself day to day, you are “how to be a woman” goals. @iamtheampersand You are the brightest ray of sunshine I have ever seen. You love what you love, and display it proudly to the world. You have such diverse interests and I literally emoji heart eyes fawn over your creativity which results in me forever hugging you. You ladies made this day possible and I thank you from the depths of my soul..but THAT is for another post entirely. I adore you all, and know that all of you inspire me to be a better person every single day.

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I pretty much need to be invited to one of these – STAT. ❤