Here’s When Your Power Will Be Back On After Hurricane Irma…

Here’s When Your Power Will Be Back On After Hurricane Irma… 

Posted: 8:23 am Wednesday, September 13th, 2017

By Danielle

Before I give you this list, can we just stop for a second and be THANKFUL?

THANKFUL that, after we packed our most precious memories and said goodbye to our homes – expecting to possibly return to catastrophic damage – MOST of us got by with minor damage and maybe a power outsge…

THANKFUL that we’re being given the chance to get back to ‘normal’ FAR earlier than we thought we would be…

THANKFUL for the hundreds of THOUSANDS of power trucks that were driving South last week, as we headed North, bracing for Irma and IMMEDIATELY ready to jump into action…

For those of us still without power, we are starting to get a clearer image of when it may start coming back…

Duke Energy:

  • Duke expects to have power back to all of it’s Pinellas and Pasco County customers by midnight Friday. All other customers should have power by midnight on Sunday.


  • TECO expects to restore power to all of it’s customers by Sunday night.

Lakeland Electric:

  • Lakeland Electric thinks their customers will all have restored power in less than a week, but say that it could take up to two weeks to get everyone back up and running.


  • FPL says they expect to have power restored to all of their West Coast customers by September 22nd.

Remember that these are just general guidelines, and while it’s easy to be frustrated that you’re still sitting in a hot house with no TV, these power companies are here from all over (literally saw a truck from Canada yesterday) ready to help so that YOU can get back to ‘normal’ as soon as possible.

Be patient. Be thankful. We really did luck out this time. ❤