Try Not to Tear Up As You Watch this School in Puerto Rico Celebrate When Their Power Turns Back on…After 112 DAYS.

Try Not to Tear Up As You Watch this School in Puerto Rico Celebrate When Their Power Turns Back on…After 112 DAYS. 

Posted: 6:36 am Friday, January 19th, 2018

By Danielle

I will NEVER forget the moment the power came back on at our house after Hurricane Irma.

We were lucky enough to have family that never lost power (HOW DID THAT EVEN HAPPEN, BTW?!) , so we were sleeping at their house when we got back in town from our ‘Hurricane House’ in Orlando (btw, totally give the terrifying place you’re hiding out from a natural disaster a fun name for your kid’s sake).

During the day, I’d run back to the house to grab more clothes for the next day, put small pieces of our house back together, and – of course – check to see if we had power.

It went out on Monday morning when the storm hit, and that Thursday, I remember grabbing a bag and being ‘so bummed’ that I was walking out of the house with no power (again). Then, as I reached for the doorknob to leave (I’m making this sound as dramatic as it played out in my head, btw), I heard one click – and then two – and then…I heard our dartboard turn on. It sounds so dumb – and it totally was – but the song that the dang dartboard plays when you turned it on was the most magical, and completely appropriate, sound for that moment. I’m actually so thankful I was there to hear it. It literally played this victorious song like ‘Hell yes. You made it. Your power is back on.’

I was all alone in our house, but that didn’t stop me from screaming with delight. I mean, screeeeeaming. I was jumping up and down, calling everyone I knew as if we’d just had a baby and I was announcing it to the world…and we were only without power for FOUR DAYS.

Now, for a quick perspective check…

Shortly after Hurricane Irma hit us and several islands – including Puerto Rico – there was Hurricane Maria.

Maria ripped through Puerto Rico in September. Power to nearly the entire island was shut down. Grids destroyed. They waited for MUCH longer than 4 days to get their power back. In fact, many people in Puerto Rico are STILL awaiting power. In January. When we’ve seen some of the coldest temperatures in years down in this part of the world…

That’s why this video is going to make you instantly cry.

Check out this school full of students and teachers who also got to witness their power coming back on.

Only, instead of being out for a couple of days or a week, they’d been without power for 112 DAYS.

The cheering. The dancing. Their faces.

If this doesn’t put our little ‘problems’ into perspective, I don’t know what does. ❤