Danielle talks to CHRIS KIRKPATRICK from *NSYNC!!

Danielle talks to CHRIS KIRKPATRICK from *NSYNC!! 

Posted: 9:18 am Monday, April 30th, 2018

By Danielle

Today is April 30th…aka ‘It’s Gonna Be May’ Day – don’t act like you don’t know about THIS:


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So what better day for *NSYNC to FINALLY get their star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?!

Before the ceremony, I got the chance to catch up with Chris Kirkpatrick thanks to a great mutual friend (thank youuuu, Drew!!)

We talked about the last person from *NSYNC he hung out with and what he *doesn’t* buy from the grocery store…and then I completely embarrassed myself and read a diary entry that I wrote about *NSYNC 20 YEARS ago…after seeing them for free at the Pier in downtown St. Pete.

Nicest. Guy. Ever.

And seriously…the star on the Walk of Fame…it’s ABOUT TIME!! 😉