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Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are Punk-ing Eachother AGAIN.

  • 8:36 am Wednesday, November 8th, 2017 by Danielle

THIS is why Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively continue to be one of our favorite couples of all time…

Instead of constantly trying to look perfect in front of the cameras that they live their lives in front of, these two spend the majority of their time playing pranks on each other – and it’s the BEST.

This week, when pictures of Blake filming her newest movie surfaced, Ryan jumped right on it – tweeting out one of the worst ones with the caption #NoFilter.


One of the ‘WORST’ Cities to Celebrate Halloween in this Year is In Our Own Backyard

  • 7:08 am Wednesday, October 25th, 2017 by Danielle

Well, this is disheartening.

A website called WalletHub just did a survey on the ‘Best’ and ‘Worst’ cities to celebrate  Halloween in this year – and it’s not looking good for us.

While we didn’t have any cities on the ‘Best’ list, our very own St. Petersburg, FL (aka WHERE OUR RADIO STATION IS LOCATED!!) made the list of the ‘WORST’ places to be on October 31st.

They made the list by considering things like: candy stores, pumpkin patches, the weather (which we obviously took a HUGE hit with), and how good the city is for trick-or-treating based on population density.

In case you [More]

Nick Lachey Gets ‘Best Hubby’ Award for Digging in the Trash

  • 7:46 am Tuesday, June 27th, 2017 by Danielle

Turns out, celebrities are more like you and I than we realized…

Over the weekend, Nick Lachey posted this picture to his Instagram to prove it:

This is true love after 6 years of marriage……digging through dirty diapers and trash to find your wife's missing wedding ring!! #success

A post shared by Nick Lachey (@nicklachey) on Jun 24, 2017 at [More]

I Mean, Of COURSE Kelly Clarkson Helped One of Her Fans Propose to His Boyfriend

  • 7:43 am Thursday, June 22nd, 2017 by Danielle

Kelly Clarkson is one of those ‘normal’ celebrities that you just can’t help but adore.

Remember when she freaked out when her friends surprised her with a girl’s trip for her birthday (despite the fact that she makes millions and could take herself literally anywhere in the world)?

Well, she’s out there being awesome again.

This time, it comes in the form of helping one of her fans propose to his boyfriend.

Here’s the quick rundown:

Kelly was performing in Vegas when she heard one of her fans – Alex – screaming the words to every one of her songs louder than the rest [More]