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Yep. ‘Spray-On Pumpkin Spice’ is Now a Real Thing That You Can Add to ANY Food You Want…

  • 8:44 am Thursday, September 21st, 2017 by Danielle

If you’re first in line for every Pumpkin Spice latte, cereal, and whipped cream product you see as soon as it hits the shelves…this is probably right up your alley.

A company called ‘Simply Beyond’ has created a ‘spray-on’ Pumpkin Spice product that will let you zest up ANY food you desire with your favorite fall flavor.

A 3oz. bottle will run you $10.99 and you can grab it here

Study Says Tequila Might Actually be GOOD For Your Bones

  • 7:36 am Friday, May 19th, 2017 by Danielle

With Margarita Fest coming up next weekend, I thought you might like to know that there’s new research out there (IT’S SCIENCE, PEOPLE!!!) that suggests that a shot of tequila might actually be GOOD for your bones.

I also thought you might want to take this quiz about margaritas.

Also, here’s the rest of the article. You know, for ‘research’ purposes. 😉

Oreo’s New Flavor Includes…Pop Rocks?!

  • 5:57 am Tuesday, May 9th, 2017 by Danielle

Well, they’re not officially calling them ‘Pop Rocks’ but the new Firework Oreo flavor claims to have ‘Popping Candy’ embedded in the cream filling…so I’ll take it!!

Over the past couple of years, Oreo has become known for coming up with crazy flavors (although the good ole double-stuff is still my personal favorite). Now, it looks like they’re expanding their search, offering $500,000 to the person who invents the next winning flavor idea.

Anyone free for a brainstorming sesh?