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Busch Gardens has a New BABY GIRAFFE!!

  • 6:20 am Monday, November 27th, 2017 by Danielle

While we were busy celebrating chowing down on turkey and stuffing last Thursday, the team at Busch Gardens was busy bringing a new baby giraffe into the world!!

The ‘tiny’ little guy weighed in at 150-POUNDS and was already 6-feet tall when he was born. Celina, one of the park’s giraffes, is his mommy.

Busch Gardens posted some pictures of him to their Facebook page and say they’re letting YOU pick his name!!


Your FL Drivers License is Getting a SERIOUS Makeover…

  • 7:18 am Wednesday, July 26th, 2017 by Danielle

Your FL driver’s license is getting a COMPLETE makeover starting in August.

They’re saying the new design will make your ID more fraud-proof and will include LOTS of new features including Ultraviolet Ink that supposedly also makes it wayyyy more difficult to duplicate.

If you’re wondering if you need to run out and get a new one right away…you don’t. You’re only required to get a new one if yours is about to expire, or if you’re making changes to your name/address/etc…standard stuff.

Oh, and one more thing…

The new design will also feature your picture FOUR TIMES!!

You’ll see it in three places on [More]