Magic Mornings with Danielle 

  • 6:46 am Tuesday, July 17th, 2018 by Danielle


A woman near Lake Tahoe did the freaking UNTHINKABLE this week when a bear started walking up to her front door…

Brittany Christensen said she used her ‘mom voice’ to make the bear rethink his decision to approach her home – AND IT WORKED!!

I don’t know about you, but I totally think it was the foot stomp at the end that did it. Mom is NOT playing when she stomps her foot.

Watch this Nosey Bird Photobomb a Weather Report

  • 6:38 am Tuesday, January 16th, 2018 by Danielle

The weather reporter handled this like a pro…

Watch what happens when a BIRD starts checking out the camera during a weather break in San Francisco last week:

The best thing about this video is it gives us the chance to re-live this HILARIOUS video of another weatherman getting the you-know-what scared out of him when a SPIDER started walking across the camera during his report.

Poor Sam Smith Just Got the CRAP Scared Out of Him (TWICE!) on ‘Ellen’…

  • 9:01 pm Tuesday, October 24th, 2017 by Danielle

Poor Sam Smith…

While he was on Ellen’s show this week, he got the crap scared out of him, not once – but twice!!

Ellen is known for having people scare her guests while she’s in the middle of interviewing them, but the strange thing about Sam was…right before the first person snuck up on him,  he was talking to Ellen about how he lives in a haunted house and has a ‘good’ relationship with ghosts.

When the second person jumped out, he didn’t stand a chance.

Britney Spears Gets Pranked By Her Sons

  • 6:44 am Monday, May 22nd, 2017 by Danielle

I’m not sure when this happened, but Britney Spears’ sons are now 10 and 11 years old. (?!?!?!)

Last week, they got a hold of their mom’s phone…and instead of texting Justin Timberlake (you KNOW she still has his number), they decided to pull an EPIC scare-prank on her.

They snuck up behind Britney while she was cooking in the kitchen – one of the boys yelled – and she lost her mind…

Pay back is a ……. well, I think you know, my friends [More]